Correction to: The 3-Dimensional Fermi Liquid Description for the Iron-Based Superconductors

  • Setsuo MisawaEmail author

1 Correction to: J Low Temp Phys (2018) 190:45–66

The original version of this article unfortunately contained errors in equation and text.

In section 5, the heading “Nearly Ferromagnetic \(\hbox {Ba}\left( {\hbox {Fe}_{1-{x}} \hbox {Co}_{x}} \right) _2 \hbox {As}_2\)” should read as “Paramagnetic \(\hbox {Ba}\left( {\hbox {Fe}_{1-\mathrm{x}} \hbox {Co}_{x}} \right) _2 \hbox {As}_2\)”.

Equation (5.1) should read as
$$\begin{aligned} \frac{\chi (0)}{\gamma (0)}=\frac{3}{\pi ^{^{2}}}\frac{\mu _{\mathrm{B}}^2 }{k_{\mathrm{B}}^2 }\frac{1}{1+F_0^a}, \end{aligned}$$
Equation (5.5) should read as
$$\begin{aligned} F_0^a =1.91. \end{aligned}$$
Sentences which follow Eq. (5.5) should read: It is remarkable that the system is not nearly antiferromagnetic, but paramagnetic. The frequently mentioned statement that, because of the antiferromagnetic fluctuations, the system tends to be a non-Fermi liquid is not applicable to this system.

In the caption of Fig. 7, \(\hbox {LaFe}_{1-{x}} \hbox {Co}_{x} \hbox {As}_{0.89}\hbox {Fe}_{0.11}\) should read \(\hbox {LaFe}_{1-\mathrm{x}} \hbox {Co}_{x} \hbox {As}\, \hbox {O}_{0.89} \hbox {F}_{0.11}\).

In the reference section, the reference no 23 should read as “23. T. Okabe, Electrical conductivity of Fermi liquids, I and II. J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 67, 2792–4178 (1998)”.

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