Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Lanthanum Ion MCM-41 Imprinted Polymers

  • Xiaogang Liu 
  • Yuwen Cheng 
  • Xiu Wang 
  • Minglei Tian 
  • Xiancai Li Email author
  • Yifeng Yang 


Using 3-chloropropyltriethoxysilane as an anchor, the functional monomer linear polyethylenimine(PEI) was grafted on the surface of mesoporous MCM-41. La3+ was selected as the template ion and epichlorohydrin was used as the crosslinker. A lanthanum ion MCM-41 imprinted polymer (La(III)-IIP-PEI/MCM-41) was prepared, and a non-ion-imprinted polymer (NIP-PEI/MCM-41) was arranged in the same manner. The La3+ surface imprinted polymer was characterized by means of infrared spectrometer, thermogravimetric(TG) analyzer, and scanning electron microscope(SEM). The optimal adsorption conditions and selective adsorption properties of La(III)-IIP-PEI/MCM-41 for La3+ were determined by static adsorption method and adsorption performance. Experiments show that the maximum adsorption capacity of La(III)-IIP-PEI/MCM-41 can reach 212.69 mg g1. Adsorption equilibrium can be reached at 30 min. Quasi-second-order kinetic model can be used to describe its adsorption mechanism. La(III)-IIP-PEI/MCM-41 also has a strong selectivity for La3+.


Lanthanum ion Surface ion imprinted polymer Polyethyleneimine Selectivity 



Project supported by the Nature Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51664042).


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  • Yuwen Cheng 
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  • Xiu Wang 
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  • Minglei Tian 
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  • Xiancai Li 
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