Free Exciton Absorptions and Quasi-reversible Redox Actions in Polypyrrole–Polyaniline–Zinc Oxide Nanocomposites as Electron Transporting Layer for Organic Light Emitting Diode and Electrode Material for Supercapacitors

  • R. Kandulna
  • R. B. ChoudharyEmail author
  • R. Singh


The ternary nanocomposite comprised of PPY–PANI (polypyrrole–polyaniline) copolymer and zinc oxide (ZnO), synthesized by implying chemical oxidative polymerization of pyrrole monomer in presence of ammonium persulfate as oxidant with varying ZnO concentrations. The shifting of bands and their corresponding change in nano-strain of as-prepared PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposite of varying concentration was confirmed by the Fourier transform inferred spectroscopy (FTIR). The surface morphological images of PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposites revealed the nano-flake like structure attributed to the embodiment of ZnO and increase in agglomeration was detected with the increasing concentration of ZnO. The optimized reduction in band gap up to ~ 1.02 eV and red-shift of absorption edge of ZnO in visible region side was detected for 10% PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposite. The relatively slow decay component and higher non radiative electron–hole recombination rate showed the better electron transport properties with chromaticity in ideal blue region for 10% PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposite. The higher current density ~ 7.95 A/cm2, high dielectric constant ~ 1960 at 373 K, high reduction potential ~ + 0.687 V with high specific capacitance (~ 436.14 F/g) at 10 mV s−1 and better thermal firmness was observed for 10% PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposite. The relatively high discharge time ~ 2600 s and high power density with meagre loss in energy density at high current density was also observed for 10% PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposite. These robust properties confirmed that the proposed 10% PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposite could be employed as electron transporting material for OLEDs as well as for high performance and efficient supercapacitors.


PPY–PANI–ZnO nanocomposites Chemical oxidative polymerization PL Electron transport layer Electrochemical performance 



Authors show their deep thanks to IIT(ISM) Dhanbad for providing fellowship. Authors also acknowledge DST, New Delhi for using lifetime spectrometer (Project No. SR/FST/PSI-004/2013).

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