A Facile Synthesis of Cellulose Acetate Functionalized Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite for Electrochemical Sensing of Cadmium ions

  • G. PadmalayaEmail author
  • B. S. Sreeja
  • P. Dinesh Kumar
  • S. Radha
  • V. Poornima
  • M. Arivanandan
  • Sujan Shrestha
  • T. S. Uma


In the present work, zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared using chemical co-precipitation technique. The prepared ZnO NPs were subjected to get modified directly using cellulose acetate (CA) which one of the important esters of cellulose. The possible application of CA functionalized ZnO nanocomposite (NC) has not been realized much in fabrication of electrochemical sensors. The as-prepared pure ZnO and CA functionalized ZnO NC were investigated using various analytical methods. The crystalline size was reduced due to the surface functionalization of CA on ZnO which was observed in XRD. With CA functionalization on ZnO, it was observed to be hexagonal rod shaped with reduced agglomeration in SEM images. The NC formation was further affirmed by IR analysis. The obtained material was employed as electrochemical sensor and was evaluated towards cadmium sensing property using cyclic voltammetry. In order to evaluate limit of detection (LOD) and sensitivity, square wave voltammetry was performed and showed that, under optimized conditions with linear detectable concentration range of 0.1–0.5 μM (R2 = 0.9937) LOD of 0.41 µM with significant sensitivity up to 3.11 μA/(μM). Based on the obtained results, NC was subjected to stability analysis and implemented on real time water samples.


Cadmium Zinc oxide Nanocomposite Cellulose acetate Electrochemical sensor 



Authors provide sincere thanks to SSN trust for delivering financial support to carry out this work. Authors express their extended sole gratitude to SSN trust for awarding fellowship.


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  • B. S. Sreeja
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  • P. Dinesh Kumar
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  • S. Radha
    • 1
  • V. Poornima
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  • M. Arivanandan
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  • Sujan Shrestha
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