Synthesis of Tobramycin Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles and Its Catalytic and Antibacterial Activity Against Pathogenic Bacteria

  • Yasmeen JunejoEmail author
  • Muhammad Safdar
  • M. Asad Akhtar
  • Muthupandian Saravanan
  • Haseeb Anwar
  • Muhammad Babar
  • Rabia Bibi
  • M. Tariq Pervez
  • Tanveer Hussain
  • Masroor E. Babar


In the present study, tobramycin stabilized silver nanoparticles (Tob-AgNPs) were effectively synthesized in an aqueous medium by well-organized one-pot technique and successfully employed for the ultra-fast catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol (4-NP) and 4-nitroaniline (4-NA). Moreover, the perfection was attained in percent reduction of toxic 4-NP, 4-NA and their mixtures by changing and adjusting reaction period, quantity and concentration of catalyst. Interestingly, this research has shown that comprehensive ~ 99.9% reduction of nitroaromatic was achieved in short reaction time (60 s) by proficient Tob-AgNPs. Remarkably, the calculated rate constant (K) value for 4-NP, 4-NA and their mixtures catalytic reduction was achieved in 7 × 10−2 S−1, 10 × 10−2 S−1 and 8 × 10−2 S−1, respectively by plotting lnC versus time (s). Subsequently, the antibacterial efficacy of Tob-AgNPs was assessed alongside for the selected gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial pathogens. The in vitro antibacterial activity of Tob-AgNPs clearly showed potential antibacterial property against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus compared with standard antibiotics. Thereby, these Tob-AgNPs may be potential candidates for the development of new bioactive materials for pathogenic microorganisms after further analysis to identify the active principles.

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Synthesis Tob-AgNPs Nitroaromatics Catalytic activity Antibacterial activity Bacterial pathogens 



Authors would like to thanks to Virtual University of Pakistan who supported the research work and necessary facilities at Biolab, Multan Campus.


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  • Muhammad Safdar
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  • M. Asad Akhtar
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  • Muthupandian Saravanan
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  • Haseeb Anwar
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  • Muhammad Babar
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  5. 5.Department of PhysiologyGovernment College UniversityFaisalabadPakistan
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  7. 7.Department of Molecular BiologyVirtual University of Pakistan-RawalpindiRawalpindiPakistan
  8. 8.Department of Bioinformatics & Computational BiologyVirtual University of Pakistan-LahoreLahorePakistan
  9. 9.Department of Molecular BiologyVirtual University of Pakistan-LahoreLahorePakistan

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