Facile Fabrication of SnO/Nano-graphite Composite Microspheres with Excellent Visible Photocatalytic Performance

  • Baoyan Liang
  • Wangxi ZhangEmail author
  • Yanli Zhang


SnO/nanographite (NG) microsphere were synthesized by a facile ultrasonic reaction method. Result shows that the SnO/NG hybrid microspheres were composed of well-dispersed, slightly agglomerated graphite nanoparticles embedded in numerous SnO nanosheets. The size of these microspheres was approximately 4 µm, and the shells were composed of SnO nanosheets with an average thickness of 30 nm. An intimate interface boundary between the graphite and SnO phase was formed in the composites. All photocatalytic activity of the SnO/NG composites was markedly higher than those of the SnO sample. The composites consisting of 5.47 wt% graphite showed the best visible photocatalytic properties, potentially degrading 98.5% of methyl orange within 45 min.


SnO Graphite Photocatalysis 



The authors would like to thank the Natural Science Foundation of Henan (Nos. 17A430034 and 18A430035), Henan university innovation team project (15IRTSTHN004), Henan science and technology innovation team (CXTD2013048).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Materials and Chemical Engineering SchoolZhongyuan University of TechnologyZhengzhouChina
  2. 2.National and Local Joint Laboratory of Engineering of Diamond TechnologyZhengzhouChina

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