Kam Wing Chan with Fang Chai, Guanghua Wan and Man Wang: Urbanization with Chinese Characteristics: The Hukou System and Migration

Routledge, London and New York, 2018. viii and 221 pp., maps, diagrams, tables, and index. US$149.95 cloth, ISBN: 978-1-138-06686-1
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This volume is a collection of selected articles that Kam Wing Chan, an authority on China’s urbanization, authored or coauthored over the period 2007–2017 in Taylor & Francis journals, in particular Eurasian Geography and Economics. Since publishing his first book Cities with Invisible Walls in 1994, Chan has devoted his professional energy to the dual rural–urban system in China, one that immobilized rural Chinese until the early 1990s, depressed urbanization and exploited rural labor and migrant labor to enable an “urbanization-economizing” strategy. In Chan’s view, all of these are anomalies that resulted in “incomplete urbanization,” and China’s future depends on “normalizing” its urbanization. The centerpiece of the “Chinese Characteristics” thesis is the hukou system, which renders rural Chinese an underclass, and which Chan argues vehemently should be abolished quickly.

Part 1 of the book is concerned with data and statistics. Chinese data are notoriously complicated,...


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