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Quasi-equilibrium problems with non-self constraint map

  • John CotrinaEmail author
  • Javier Zúñiga


In 2016 Aussel, Sultana and Vetrivel developed the concept of projected solution for Nash equilibria. The purpose of this work is to study the same concept of solution, but for quasi-equilibrium problems. Our results recover several existence theorems for quasi-equilibrium problems in the literature. Additionally, we show the existence of projected solutions for quasi-optimization problems, quasi-variational inequality problems, and generalized Nash equilibrium problems.


Quasi-equilibrium problem Quasi-optimization problem Quasi-variational inequality Generalized Nash equilibrium Generalized monotonicity 

Mathematics Subject Classification

49J40 49J52 90C33 90C48 



We would like to thank the anonymous referee for the many suggestions which helped improve this work.


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