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RYSE Youth Center: Youth Participatory Action Research

  • Brian Villa
  • Dashia Wright
  • Paul Ruiz
  • Lily Boonnam
  • Leili Lyman
  • Katherine Escobar
  • Lana TilleyEmail author
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Since 2000, the RYSE center located in Richmond, CA has centered the voices of youth to combat issues in their local community. Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) has been one of the key tenets of RYSE’s approach and implementation of radical inquiry. RYSE’s radical inquiry strategy aims to shift what research looks like, sounds like, and feels like with an inquiry process that is humanizing and moves toward liberation. This involves ongoing listening and dynamic responsiveness to the priorities, needs, and interests of young people of color. This commentary documents two recent YPAR projects that developed from youth who were interested in exploring gender-based violence, bullying and coping. The commentary documents findings and youth reflections highlighting the liberatory and collaborative nature of YPAR.


Youth Participatory research YPAR Gender justice Bullying Mental health Coping Trauma-informed 


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