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Synthesis and Photophysical Study of [60]Fullerene-Maleimide Dyads

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Novel [60]fullerene-maleimide dyads were synthesized by covalent linking of maleimide fluorophore to the [60]fullerene (C60) via Bingel reaction. The dyads were well characterized and studied for their absorption and emission properties. The fluorescence quenching of maleimide moiety by C60 was observed, indicating the intramolecular energy transfer from maleimide fluorophore to C60 moiety.

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SVP and KSG thanks University Grants Commission, New Delhi for financial support under major research project [F.2-2/2011(SAP-II)] and award of junior research fellowship respectively. We thank authorities of Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj, Nashik and KTHM College for providing laboratory facilities.

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Correspondence to Kirankumar S. Gosavi.

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  • [60]Fullerene
  • Maleimide
  • Dyads
  • Fluorescence quenching
  • Bingel reaction