Nonstationary Mass Transfer and Controlling the Process During the Laminar Motion of a Liquid in Packed-Column Apparatuses

  • D. V. ElizarovEmail author
  • R. R. Shavaleev
  • V. V. Elizarov

Approximate solutions have been obtained for the equations of nonstationary mass transfer in packed-column apparatuses, and a method has been proposed to calculate them under the conditions of laminar motion of a liquid phase and displacement of a gas. On the basis of the nonstationary-mass-transfer equations, a problem of control of packed-column apparatuses has been solved. The solutions of the equations have been obtained in the form of an expansion of functions in a trigonometric series; formulas to determine the values of terms in the series have been presented. Initial conditions for the equations of nonstationary mass transfer are equations of a stationary process. Exact and approximate solutions for the stationary-mass-transfer equations have been obtained based on which an algorithm has been proposed for designing packed-column apparatuses. A calculation of the process of absorption of an acetone vapor from air by water has been carried out. Plots of the control and of the concentration change in controlling and with different perturbations have been presented.


mass transfer mathematical model designing control of the process packed-type column packing absorption 


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  • R. R. Shavaleev
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  • V. V. Elizarov
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