Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations

, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp 1029–1051 | Cite as

Boundedness for Some Doubly Nonlinear Parabolic Equations in Measure Spaces

  • Eurica HenriquesEmail author
  • Rojbin Laleoglu


In the context of measure spaces equipped with a doubling non-trivial Borel measure supporting a Poincaré inequality, we derive local and global sup bounds of the nonnegative weak subsolutions of
$$\begin{aligned} (u^{q})_t-\nabla \cdot {(|\nabla u|^{p-2}\nabla u)}=0, \quad \mathrm {in} \ U_\tau = U \times (\tau _1, \tau _2] , \quad p>1,\quad q>1 \end{aligned}$$
and of its associated Dirichlet problem, respectively. For particular ranges of the exponents p and q, we show that any locally nonnegative weak subsolution, taken in \(Q (\subset \bar{Q}\subset U_\tau )\), is controlled from above by the \(L^\alpha (\bar{Q}) \)-norm, for \(\alpha = \max \{p, q+1\}\). As for the global setting, under suitable assumptions on the boundary datum g and on the initial datum, we obtain sup bounds for u, in \(U \times \{ t\}\), which depend on the \(\sup g\) and on the \(L^{q+1}(U \times (\tau _1, \tau _1+t])\)-norm of \((u-\sup g)_+\), for all \(t \in (0, \tau _2-\tau _1]\). On the critical ranges of p and q, a priori local and global \(L^\infty \) estimates require extra qualitative information on u.


Boundedness Singular PDE Degenerate PDE 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 35B50 Secondary 35K65 35K67 35K20 



Funding was provided by Fundação para a Ciância e a Tecnologia.


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  1. 1.Centro de Matemática: Pólo CMAT - UTADUniversidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD)Vila RealPortugal

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