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Existence and Multiplicity of Standing Wave Solutions for a Class of Quasilinear Schrödinger Systems in \(\mathbb {R}^{N}\)

  • Hongxue SongEmail author
  • Caisheng Chen
  • Wei Liu


In this paper, we study the following quasilinear Schrödinger systems of the form
$$\begin{array}{@{}rcl@{}} \left\{\begin{array}{l} -\triangle_{p} u_{j}+a_{j}(x)|u_{j}|^{p-2}u_{j}\,-\,\triangle_{p} (|u_{j}|^{2})u_{j}\,=\,\mu_{j}|u_{j}|^{q-2}u_{j}\,+\,\frac{1}{2}{\sum}_{i\neq j}\beta_{ij}|u_{i}|^{m}|u_{j}|^{m-2}u_{j}, ~x\!\in\! \mathbb{R}^{N},\\ u_{j}(x)\rightarrow 0,~\text{as} ~|x|\rightarrow \infty, \ j = 1,\ \cdots,\ k, \end{array} \right. \end{array} $$
where N ≥ 3, 2 ≤ pN, and the potential aj(x) is positive and bounded in \(\mathbb {R}^{N}\), μj > 0, βij = βji for 1 ≤ i < jk(k ≥ 2). Using symmetric mountain pass lemma, we obtain infinitely many solutions to Schrödinger system (0.1).


Quasilinear Schrödinger systems Dual approach Mountain pass lemma 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

35J50 35J70 35J92 


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  1. 1.College of ScienceHohai UniversityNanjingPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.College of ScienceNanjing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsNanjingPeople’s Republic of China

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