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Plant-Mediated Synthesis, Characterization and Bactericidal Potential of Emerging Silver Nanoparticles Using Stem Extract of Phyllanthus pinnatus: A Recent Advance in Phytonanotechnology

  • Ramalingam Balachandar
  • Paramasivam Gurumoorthy
  • Natchimuthu Karmegam
  • Hamed Barabadi
  • Ramasamy Subbaiya
  • Krishnan Anand
  • Pandi Boomi
  • Muthupandian SaravananEmail author
Original Paper


The eco-friendly and cost-effective strategies for the preparation of nanoparticles are the cutting edge researches in the field of nanotechnology. The objective of the study was the eco-friendly synthesis, characterization and their antibacterial activity of AgNPs using stem extract of Phyllanthus pinnatus. The appearance of the dark brown color showed the biofabrication of AgNPs and its characterised by UV–Vis, SEM, XRD, and FT-IR analysis. Consequently, the antibacterial activity of AgNPs was tested against different bacterial pathogens. The UV–Vis spectrum of colloidal AgNPs exhibited a strong absorption peak at 490 nm. Besides, the SEM image showed that the AgNPs were fairly uniform in the nanoscale with mostly cubical morphology. The XRD analysis showed the crystalline nature of AgNPs. In addition, the FT-IR spectrum revealed the presence of functional groups attached to the surface of AgNPs that may have a role in bioreduction and stabilization of AgNPs. The AgNPs showed dose-dependent toxicity against bacterial pathogens. The maximum zone of inhibition was found at 1.8 mm in diameter for both Vibrio cholera and Shigella flexneri at 40 µL concentration. Although the current study showed potent in vitro antibacterial activity of AgNPs, further studies are required to establish the bactericidal potential of AgNPs on animal models for drug development.


Phytosynthesis Silver nanoparticles Phyllanthus pinnatus Antibacterial activity 



The authors thankfully acknowledge the Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Mekelle University, UGC [No.F.14-13/2013, Inno/ASIST], DST-FIST [SR/FST/LSI-667/2016(C)] and MHRD-RUSA 2.0 [F.24/51/2014-U, Policy (TNMulti-Gen), Dept. of Edn. Govt. of India] for the financial supports and infrastructure facilities.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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  • Ramalingam Balachandar
    • 1
  • Paramasivam Gurumoorthy
    • 2
  • Natchimuthu Karmegam
    • 3
  • Hamed Barabadi
    • 4
  • Ramasamy Subbaiya
    • 1
  • Krishnan Anand
    • 5
  • Pandi Boomi
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  • Muthupandian Saravanan
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  1. 1.Department of Biotechnology, Aarupadiveedu Institute of TechnologyVinayaga Mission’s Research FoundationPaiyanoor, ChennaiIndia
  2. 2.Department of BiotechnologyArulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of EngineeringTiruvanamalai DistrictIndia
  3. 3.Department of BotanyGovernment Arts CollegeSalemIndia
  4. 4.Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, School of PharmacyShahid Beheshti University of Medical SciencesTehranIran
  5. 5.Discipline of Medical Biochemistry and Chemical PathologyUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalDurbanSouth Africa
  6. 6.Department of BioinformaticsAlagappa UniversityKaraikudiIndia
  7. 7.Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Division of Biomedical Science, School of Medicine, College of Health SciencesMekelle UniversityMekelleEthiopia

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