Solvothermal Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Two Nickel Cubane-Type Cluster Complexes

  • Chengchen Wu
  • Xiao Zheng
  • Guanghui Chen
  • Zhao Chen
  • Yu XiaoEmail author


Two novel tetra-nuclear clusters, [Ni4(HL1)3(μ3-O)(H2O)3]·C2H5OH·H2O (1) and [Ni4(HL2)3 (μ3-O)(H2O)3]·3H2O (2, H3L1 = (E)-2-((2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzylidene)amino)-2-methylpropane- 1,3-diol; H3L2 = (E)-2-((5-bromo-2-hydroxybenzylidene)amino)-2-methylpropane-1,3-diol), were synthesized by a solvothermal method and characterized by elemental analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, infrared spectroscopy, and singlecrystal X-ray diffractometry. The complexes 1 and 2 revealed similar cubane-type [Ni4O4] structures, which were connected alternately by three hydroxyls from different Schiff base ligands and one μ3-O. Hirshfeld surface analysis revealed that H···H, C···H, and O···H interactions were the main intermolecular interactions. Magnetic properties reveal that the {Ni4O4} cores display dominant ferromagnetic interactions from the nature of the binding modes through μ3-O.


Cubane-type Structure Hirsheld surface analysis Magnetic properties 



This work was supported by the Nature Science Foundation of China (No. 51569008), Guangxi Scientific Experiment Center of Mining, Metallurgy and Environment and Program of the Collaborative Innovation Center for Exploration of Hidden Nonferrous Metal Deposits and Development of New Materials in Guangxi (No. GXYSXTZX2017-II-3).

Supplementary material

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  • Chengchen Wu
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  • Xiao Zheng
    • 1
  • Guanghui Chen
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  • Zhao Chen
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  • Yu Xiao
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