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Defects, electronic properties, and α particle energy spectrum response of the Cd0.9Mn0.1Te: V single crystal

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Cadmium manganese telluride is a promising material for fabricating room-temperature nuclear radiation detectors widely used in medical imaging, environmental protection, nuclear security detection, astrophysics, and so on. The Cd0.9Mn0.1Te: V (V: CMT) crystal examined in this work was grown through the Te solution (10% excess) vertical Bridgman method. The low-temperature photoluminescence (PL) spectra indicated that the grown crystal has good quality. A simultaneous thermal excitation current spectrum was used to characterize the effect of vanadium doping on the level defects in the crystal. The current–voltage and Hall test results showed that the crystal resistivity was (3.781–6.185) × 1010 Ω cm. The conductivity was of n type. The carrier concentration was (1.69–9.94) × 106 cm−3. The Hall mobility was (3.08–9.29) × 103 cm−2 V−1 s−1. The maximum measured ratio of the light and dark currents, when the crystal was exposed to 5 mW white light, was 11. In addition, the room-temperature electron mobility-lifetime product of the middle sample was 6.925 × 10−4 cm2 V−1 using the 241Am@5.48 MeV α particle source.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the State Key Laboratory (in Northwestern Polytechnical University) of Solidification Processing for supplying the experimental equipment and test facilities. This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundations of China (Nos. 51402022 and 51602026) and the Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi (No. 2017 JM5129).

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