A novel approach for preparation of CH3NH3PbBr3 via direct transformation of electrodeposited PbO2 for photodetector application

  • Zahra Heydari
  • Hamed Abdy
  • Mahdi Madani
  • Mohammad Pouya Ghaziani
  • Mohammadreza KolahdouzEmail author
  • Ebrahim Asl-Soleimani


Organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites are crystals with efficient light absorption, high charge carrier mobility and long electron/hole diffusion path that have been developed to enhance sunlight energy application. In particular, lead-based compounds by establishing excellent performance in 3rd generation solar cells led to an increased interest in testing them in other areas such as photodetectors, diodes, and transistors. Herein, we report a simple, scalable and versatile fabrication process of CH3NH3PbBr3 layer through electrodeposition technique without using a glove box or a high vacuum system. Measurements demonstrated that a high quality crystalline structure in a pinhole free perovskite layer was obtained. The fabricated photodetector devices made of electrodeposited MAPbBr3 films displayed significant performance with the on/off current ratio of 3 × 106 under white light radiation at 0.1 V bias voltage. Increasing the thickness of photoactive absorber layer up to 1 µm led to 7% external quantum efficiency and 34.4% improvement of EQE compared to 546 nm film.



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