Realization of color-tunable emission via energy transfer in novel single-phase K3YB6O12:Bi3+, Eu3+ phosphors

  • Bing HanEmail author
  • Beibei Liu
  • Jie Zhang
  • Yazhou Dai
  • Hengzhen ShiEmail author


Nowadays, Bi3+→Eu3+ energy transfer behavior is a hot research topic in phosphor-converted white light emitting diodes, because it can simultaneously realize the efficient sensitization of red emission of Eu3+ and emission color adjusting. Herein, we report a series of novel Bi3+ singly doped and Bi3+/Eu3+ co-doped K3YB6O12 phosphor materials synthesized by conventional high-temperature solid-state reaction. The structural and photoluminescence properties of the as-prepared phosphors were investigated by X-ray diffraction, photoluminescence spectra and decay curves. K3YB6O12:Bi3+ phosphors exhibited a single ultraviolet-blue emission band excited by ultraviolet that corresponded to the characteristic 3P1 → 1S0 transition of Bi3+ ions and reached the highest emission intensity with the Bi3+ doping concentration of 15%. By introducing Eu3+ into K3YB6O12:0.015Bi3+ phosphor, the Bi3+ → Eu3+ energy transfer phenomenon was induced in the K3YB6O12:Bi3+, Eu3+ phosphors that resulted in broad excitation characteristic in ultraviolet region. With the Eu3+ contents increase, the Bi3+ → Eu3+ energy transfer becomes more and more efficient that leads to the color-tunable emission from ultraviolet-blue to red. In addition, the efficiency and mechanism of Bi3+ → Eu3+ energy transfer were also investigated in detail, as based on theoretical evaluations. Our results implied that the as-prepared K3YB6O12:Bi3+, Eu3+ phosphors could be suitable to be applied in white light emitting diodes.



The work is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21501153) and the Training Program for Young Backbone Teacher in University of He’nan Province (No. 2017GGJS092).


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