Synthesis and properties of high performance polysulfone resin with low dielectric constant and dielectric loss

  • Xiaoyi Zheng
  • Zejun PuEmail author
  • Linqing Hu
  • Yuhan Tian
  • Jialing Xia
  • Jie Cheng
  • Jiachun ZhongEmail author


A series of novel cross-linkable PSF-6AF/DBA copolymers with different structure were successfully synthesized via nucleophilic aromatic substitution stepwise polymerization of 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCS) with hexafluorobisphenol A (6AF) and 4,4′-(propane-2,2-diyl)bis(2-allylphenol) (DBA) monomer. The 6AF and DBA moieties with a large number of pendant groups had been successfully introduced into the PSF polymer chain. Then, the PSF-6AF/DBA films were fabricated by casting the PSF-6AF/DBA/DMF solutions with the concentration of 10% on the clean glass plates, followed by heat-treating all the films at 300 °C for 4 h. The effects of both the component and cross-linking on the thermal, mechanical and dielectric properties of the obtained films were investigated in detail. Compared to PSF-6AF/DBA films, the cross-linked PSF-6AF/DBA (CS-PSF-6AF/DBA) films show high glass transition temperature (Tg= 184–197 °C) and outstanding mechanical strength (64–77 MPa). More importantly, all CS-PSF-6AF/DBA films display stable dielectric properties in the temperature range of 20–200 °C. The permittivity of CS-PSE-6AF/DBA film at 1 kHz is as low as 2.1, while the dielectric loss is only 0.007.



The authors wish to thank for the Sichuan University of Science and Engineering Talent Introduction Project (Grant No. 2016RCL35), Opening Project of Key Laboratories of Fine Chemicals and Surfactants in Sichuan Provincial Universities (Grant No. 2018JXY04) and Major Project of Education Department in Sichuan (Grant No. 18ZA0346).

Author contributions

All the authors approved the final version of the manuscript.


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  1. 1.College of Materials Science and Engineering, Material Corrosion and Protection Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, Key Laboratories of Fine Chemicals and Surfactants in Sichuan Provincial UniversitiesSichuan University of Science, & EngineeringZigongChina

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