Electron transport and magnetotransport in graphene films grown on iron thin film catalyst

  • O. V. KononenkoEmail author
  • A. V. Zotov
  • V. T. Volkov
  • V. I. Levashov
  • V. A. Tulin
  • V. N. Matveev


Graphene films were grown by the low-pressure chemical vapor deposition with a single injection of acetylene on an iron film catalyst deposited on oxidized silicon substrate. After treatment of the graphene on the iron film with aqueous solution of iron nitrate the structures consisting of quasi-suspended graphene on reaction products of the iron film with iron nitrate were obtained. The electron transport and magnetotransport properties of the films were investigated. The films have a low resistance of 80 Ohm sq−1 and a high sheet carrier density (8 × 1013 cm−2 at room temperature). At temperatures less than 200 K, the dependence of the Hall resistance on the magnetic field is like the abnormal Hall effect. Large positive linear magnetoresistance at a room temperature (60–100%) was observed in the films in a field of 0.6 T, which is attractive for creating magnetoresistive sensors. It was found that the critical magnetic field at which the MR becomes linear is very small (116–650 Oe) and linearly dependent on a temperature. The MR is proportional to the average mobility 〈µ〉. At low temperatures, the magnetoresistance increases with increasing temperature. At higher temperatures the MR decreases with increasing temperature.



This work was supported by the State task 075-00475-19-00 IMT RAS.


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