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, Volume 30, Issue 17, pp 16337–16346 | Cite as

Magnetic, dielectric and magneto-dielectric properties of Aurivillius phase Bi4.25Nd0.75FeTi2(NbCo)0.5O15 ceramics

  • Xuzhong Zuo
  • Enjie HeEmail author
  • Zhenzhen Hui
  • Jin Bai
  • Jie Yang
  • Xuebin Zhu
  • Jianming Dai


The structural, magnetic, dielectric and magneto-dielectric properties of Aurivillius phase Bi4.25Nd0.75FeTi2(NbCo)0.5O15 (BNFTNCO) ceramics were investigated. X-ray diffraction and Raman results suggest that Nd ions can be effectively incorporated into Bi sites. A typical four-layered Aurivillius structure is confirmed by high resolution transmission electron microscope. The double remanent magnetization 2Mr at 300 K is determined to be 0.88 emu/g, which is one order of magnitude larger than that of Bi5Fe0.5Co0.5Ti3O15 ceramic. The sample undergoes the ferromagnetic and ferroelectric transition at 642 K and 1094 K, respectively. The ferromagnetic Curie temperature is about 200 K higher than that of Bi4.2Nd0.8Fe0.5Co0.5Ti3O15 ceramic. The dielectric relaxation around 300 K with activation energy of 0.435 eV is associate with the hopping process of oxygen vacancies, while the high-temperature dielectric relaxation with a rather large activation energy of Ea= 2.43 eV may be related to the viscous motion of domain walls. More importantly, the intrinsic magneto-electric coupling effect with the magneto-dielectric constant of − 0.57% can be achieved at 300 K and 1 kHz. In addition, the optical band gap Eg of BNFTNCO is 2.50 eV.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51702002), the Major Foundation of Education Department of Anhui Province (Grant Nos. KJ2018A0529 and KJ2018A0526), the Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province (Grant No. 1808085MA09) and the Talent Project of Anhui Science and Technology University (Grant No. DQYJ201703).


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  • Xuzhong Zuo
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  • Enjie He
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    Email author
  • Zhenzhen Hui
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  • Jin Bai
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  • Jie Yang
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  • Xuebin Zhu
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  • Jianming Dai
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  1. 1.College of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringAnhui Science and Technology UniversityBengbuChina
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