Influence of La/B ratio on the structure, sinterability and crystallization of La2O3–B2O3–CaO glass–ceramics

  • Weijun Zhang
  • Fenglin Wang
  • Xingyu ChenEmail author
  • Haijun Mao


To have a better understanding on the characteristics of La2O3–B2O3–CaO (LBC) glass–ceramics designed for low temperature co-fired ceramic applications, LBC glass–ceramics with La/B ratio changing from 1:6.0 to 1:3.0 were prepared, and the network structure, sinterability, crystalline phase composition and crystallization kinetics of synthesized LBC glass–ceramics were investigated. The increase of La/B ratio would reduce the content of [BO4] units in the network structure, and decrease the glass transition temperature as well as the softening temperature of LBC glass–ceramics. But low La/B ratio of glass could cause serious foaming during sintering process. The change of La/B ratio would influence the position as well as intensity of crystalline peaks on DSC curves, and the composition and microstructure of crystalline phases were also affected. The crystallization activation energies of LBC glass–ceramics were 157.9–498.7 kJ/mol, which raised up with the increase of La/B ratio.



This work is supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province of China (Grant No. 2018JJ3602), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51702363) and the Research Project of National University of Defense Technology (ZK18-03-51).


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  • Fenglin Wang
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  • Xingyu Chen
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  • Haijun Mao
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