Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of CoxFe100–x thin films thermally evaporated onto Si (111) substrate

  • A. Melloul
  • A. KharmoucheEmail author


We synthesized, using physical vapour deposition under vacuum, series of CoxFe100–x alloy thin films onto Si (111) substrate, x ranging from 38 to 65 at.%. The X-ray patterns present almost (110) and (211) textures with a grain size varying with the composition. The atomic force microscopy images show flat surfaces. The lattice constant value decreases rapidly with x. The root mean square roughness increases with x. The easy magnetic axis has been found to lie in the plane of the film. The magnetization curves present rectangular hysteresis loops inferring no in-plane anisotropy.



The authors warmly thank the Director of the URME of Sétif1 University, Prof. Mohamed HAMIDOUCHE and his team, as well as the Director of LCIMN laboratory, Prof. Amor AZIZI and his team, for alloying Mrs. Ahlem MELLOUL to carry out several experiments in their respective laboratories.


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  1. 1.Laboratoire d’Etudes des Surfaces et Interfaces des Matériaux Solides (L.E.S.I.M.S)Ferhat Abbas Sétif1 UniversitySétifAlgeria

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