Analysis of electrical properties of graphene–ZnO/n-Si(111) Schottky contact

  • Yapeng LiEmail author
  • Yingfeng Li
  • Jianhua Zhang
  • Xiangyu Zou
  • Fanying Meng
  • Rui Wu


In this article, the graphene (G)–ZnO composite films was prepared on the surface of n-Si(111) substrate by sol–gel method for the formation of G–ZnO/n-Si(111) Schottky contact. The results show that the growth direction of ZnO films can be changed from (002) to (101) by adding G, and the surface roughness of ZnO films can be reduced. By the means of current–voltage (IV) measurements, it is observed that barrier height values increased and ideality factor decreased with the increasing of G content, indicating that G can significantly improve the rectifying characteristics of ZnO/n-Si (111) Schottky contacts. This phenomenon is mainly due to the reduction of oxygen vacancies in ZnO thin films by adding G. Meanwhile, the barrier height calculated by capacitance–voltage (CV) method is higher than IV method, which may be due to the existence of an interface layer or the effect of the image force.



This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China under Contract No. 51504147, the Industrial Field of Key Research and Development Plan of Shaanxi Province No. 2018GY-040, the Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province No. 2014JM6240 and the Doctor Foundation of Shaanxi University of Technology No. SLGQD2017-12.


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    Email author
  • Yingfeng Li
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  • Jianhua Zhang
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  • Xiangyu Zou
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  • Fanying Meng
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