Kinetics of electrophoretic deposition of nano-Co3O4 coating

  • Daixiong ZhangEmail author
  • Xia Wang
  • Xiaofei Peng
  • Qinying WangEmail author
  • Qing XiangEmail author


Co3O4 with a coating architecture is one of the most promising transition metal oxides because of its wide application in electrochromic device, sensors, heterogeneous catalysts, electrocatalyst, supercapacitors and photocatalyst. In this study, an environment-friendly and cost-effective route for fabricating Co3O4 coating was successfully realized through the aqueous EPD (electrophoretic deposition) method with nitric acid as an additive. The EPD kinetics of Co3O4 with different solid loadings in aqueous dispersion was investigated in detail. It was found that more nitric acid needed for the surface charging of more Co3O4 nanoparticles would also significantly change the EPD condition, such as the electric current passing through the cell and the temperature of the suspension that would lead to a serious stability decrease in the EPD system. As a result, the increase in the deposition rate of the Co3O4 coating would be much lower than that in the solid loading. We also suggested that this conclusion may be noteworthy for aqueous EPD of some other nanoparticle kinds.



This work was supported by the Young Scholars Development Fund of SWPU (No. 201799010077), the Scientific Research Foundation and Opening Foundation of Southwest Petroleum University (No. X151518KCL02), advanced Surface Functional Materials Youth Scientific and Innovation Research Team, Southwest Petroleum University (No. 2018CXTD06), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51774242).


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