Thermoelectric properties of Al-doped zinc oxide-based ceramics sintered at high temperature under different atmospheres

  • Mati UllahEmail author
  • Wang Chunlei
  • Wenbin Su
  • Dakang Liu
  • Arif Zaman


The conventional Solid-state reaction (SSR) method was used to synthesize compositions of (Zn1−xAlx)O, with x varying from 0.005 to 0.05 respectively. The as-prepared compositions were sintered in the air as well as in an argon atmosphere at 1400 °C, and their phases, microstructures and thermoelectric properties were investigated. Single-phase ceramics were formed for the composition with x ≤ 0.02. However, some unknown phases () developed along with the parent phases for x ≥ 0.01 due to an over solubility limit of Al in Zn sintered in the air atmosphere. The highest Power factor (PF) for both air and an argon atmosphere were obtained 8.886 × 10−4 WK−2 m−1 and 5.389 × 10−4 WK−2 m−1 while, the lowest electrical resistivity (ρ) for the composition with x = 0.02 i.e. (Zn0.98Al0.02)O were obtained 7.674 mΩ cm and 1.430 mΩ cm at 702 °C respectively. The PF obtained in the air sintered atmosphere for the composition with x = 0.02 is 1.648 times higher than for the same composition sintered in an argon atmosphere. The ρ for the composition with x = 0.02 sintered in an argon atmosphere is 4.6202 times lowered for the same composition (x = 0.02) sintered in the air atmosphere.



The authors acknowledge the support extended by the key laboratory of advanced materials and state key laboratory of crystal materials, Shandong University. The financial support provided by the Government of People’s Republic of China under Fundamental Research Grant (No. 2015TB019) is also highly acknowledged. The help of Professor Ikram Ullah Khan for English language improvement and healthy discussion is also highly acknowledged.


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    Email author
  • Wang Chunlei
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  • Wenbin Su
    • 1
  • Dakang Liu
    • 1
  • Arif Zaman
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  1. 1.School of PhysicsShandong University, JinanJinanPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.MOE State Key Laboratory of Crystal MaterialsShandong University, JinanJinanPeople’s Republic of China
  3. 3.Department of PhysicsAbdul Wali Khan University MardanMardanPakistan

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