Enhanced energy storage activity of NiMoO4 modified by graphitic carbon nitride

  • Xiaoyang Xu
  • Qianqian Liu
  • Ting Wei
  • Ying Zhao
  • Xiangjing ZhangEmail author


The NiMoO4 sheets were grown on graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) using a very simple chemical precipitation method. The prepared g-C3N4/NiMoO4 can be used as the electrode material of supercapacitors and exhibit a high specific capacitance of 1275 F g−1 at 0.25 A g−1 owing to the interconnected structure and presence of N by the incorporation of g-C3N4. In addition, the g-C3N4/NiMoO4//rGO hybrid supercapacitor was assembled by employing g-C3N4/NiMoO4 and rGO as positive and negative electrode respectively. The assembled hybrid device can exhibit good electrochemical performances, such as the specific capacitance of 146 F g−1, energy density of 90 Wh kg−1 and accepted cycle stability with 70% capacitance retention after 4000 continuous cycles. These results powerfully demonstrate that the prepared g-C3N4/NiMoO4 can be applied as a potential candidate in the electrode material of supercapacitors.



This work was financially supported by the Basic Research Programs of HeBei province (Grant No. 18964401D).


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