Structural, thermal and electrical properties of silk fibroin–silver nanoparticles composite films

  • C. S. ShivanandaEmail author
  • B. Lakshmeesha Rao
  • Sangappa


In recent years, the biosynthesis of nanoparticles is gaining much importance as it uses non-toxic chemicals and thereby, reduces environmental hazards. The bio-synthesized nanoparticles finds application in various biomedical fields because of its biocompatibility. Natural biomaterials and biopolymers have excellent physiochemical properties to reduce bulk materials into nanoparticles. Bombyx mori silk fibroin is such a natural biopolymer and is used as a bio-template to produce silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). Silver nitrate is added to the prepared silk fibroin (SF) solution at different combinations to obtain the AgNPs. The SF–AgNPs colloidal solution is used to prepare free standing biopolymer–nanocomposite (SF–AgNPs BNCs) films. The prepared SF–AgNPs BNCs were characterized with XRD, FT-IR, SEM, DSC, and TGA–DTG to study its physical properties and application, AC conductivity, and dielectric properties. It was observed that AgNPs changed the structural, thermal, dielectric, and AC conductivity of the SF films. The SF films possess good conductivity with the presence of AgNPs, hence can be used in bio-sensor and implantable thermo electric wireless switching applications.


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