Synthesis and electrochemical performance of nickel–cobalt oxide/carbon nanocomposites for use in efficient oxygen evolution reaction

  • Ke Wang
  • Changhai LiuEmail author
  • Wenchang Wang
  • Naotoshi Mitsuzaki
  • Zhidong ChenEmail author


Developing active, stable and low-cost electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) has drawn much attention. Herein, we found a convenient, simple method to prepare porous Ni-Co oxide/carbon nanoparticles via a simple heat treatment of Ni(NO3)2⋅6H2O, Co(NO3)2⋅6H2O and Tween-85, a polysorbate surfactant with a boiling point above 100 °C. And the obtained porous Ni–Co oxide/carbon nanocomposites possess high activity and good durability for the OER in alkaline solution. The catalyst exhibits good stability for a current density of 10 mA cm−2 for 2 h and low Tafel slope of 54 mV per decade for OER. The following electrochemical and physical characterizations demonstrate that the high OER activity of the hybrid catalysts arises from the synergistic effect between Ni–Co bimetallic oxide and carbon.



The authors greatly acknowledge financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51702025, 51574047), Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (No. BK20160277).

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  1. 1.School of Materials Science and Engineering, Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Photovoltaic Science and EngineeringChangzhou UniversityChangzhouChina
  2. 2.School of Petrochemical EngineeringChangzhou UniversityChangzhouChina
  3. 3.Qualtec Co., LtdOsakaJapan

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