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, Volume 29, Issue 21, pp 18209–18220 | Cite as

Fabrication of efficient dye-sensitized solar cells with photoanode containing TiO2–Au and TiO2–Ag plasmonic nanocomposites

  • Swati Bhardwaj
  • Arnab Pal
  • Kuntal Chatterjee
  • Tushar H. Rana
  • Gourav Bhattacharya
  • Susanta Sinha Roy
  • Papia Chowdhury
  • Ganesh D. SharmaEmail author
  • Subhayan BiswasEmail author


Herein, we report the effect of incorporation of two types of plasmonic nanocomposites, TiO2–Au and TiO2–Ag in different ratios, in the TiO2 photoanode of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Electrophoretic deposition technique (EPD) has been utilized for the deposition of these nanocomposite photoanodes. The high-resolution transmission electron microscopy reveals that the nanocomposites, TiO2–Au and TiO2–Ag, have a wide size distribution of Au (5–60 nm) and Ag (20–130 nm) nanoparticles embedded in the TiO2 matrix. The UV–Visible absorption spectra of these nanocomposite films reveal the enhancement in the optical density due to the plasmonic effect. The DSSC based on photoanode consists of plasmonic nanocomposite TiO2–Au:TiO2–Ag (3:1 ratio) showed power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 10.9% which is 187% higher than that pristine TiO2 counterpart. The enhancement in the PCE has been confirmed by the photoluminescence and electro-impedance spectroscopy indicating that both Au and Ag play an important role in enhancing the PCE of DSSCs due to the plasmonic effect.



This research is supported by the funding from CSIR scheme 03(1304)/13/EMR-II, UGC 42-1069/ 2013 (SR) and LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsThe LNM Institute of Information TechnologyJaipurIndia
  2. 2.Vidyasagar UniversityMidnaporeIndia
  3. 3.Department of Physics, School of Natural ScienceShiv Nadar UniversityGreater NoidaIndia
  4. 4.Department of PhysicsJaypee Institute of Information TechnologyNoidaIndia

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