Persistent luminescence of Zn2GeO4:Mn2+/Pr3+ phosphors

  • Xiao-Yu Sun
  • Zheng HeEmail author
  • Xuan Gu


Zn2GeO4, Zn2GeO4:Mn2+, Zn2GeO4:Pr3+ and Zn2GeO4:Mn2+/Pr3+ phosphors were fabricated by a solid state reaction. The phase and luminescent properties of the fabricated phosphors were investigated. The XRD patterns show that all of the fabricated phosphors have an orthorhombic structure. The fabricated Zn2GeO4 shows an emission band in the range of 350–550 nm. The fabricated Zn2GeO4:Mn2+ and Zn2GeO4:Pr3+ phosphors show emission bands corresponding to Mn2+ and Pr3+ ions, respectively. The fabricated Zn2GeO4:Mn2+/Pr3+ phosphor shows the emission band results from Mn2+ and the codoped Pr3+ enhances the emission intensity of Mn2+. Moreover, Zn2GeO4:Mn2+/Pr3+ phosphor exhibits longer decay time than that of Zn2GeO4:Mn2+. The higher intensity and longer lifetime of Mn2+ emission are induced by the energy transfer from Pr3+ of various vacancies to Mn2+ in Zn2GeO4:Mn2+/Pr3+ phosphors.



This work is supported financially by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11602066).


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  1. 1.College of Aerospace and Civil EngineeringHarbin Engineering UniversityHarbinChina

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