Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

, Volume 29, Issue 17, pp 15086–15096 | Cite as

Development and study of solid polymer electrolytes based on PVdF-HFP/PVAc: Mg (ClO4)2 for Mg ion batteries

  • S. Ponmani
  • M. Ramesh PrabhuEmail author


The Mg-ion conducting solid polymer electrolytes (SPE) consisting of PVdF-HFP/PVAc with magnesium perchlorate Mg(ClO4)2 salt have been developed and their experimental investigations are reported. Solution casting method is used for the preparation of the polymer electrolyte films by using THF as solvent. The XRD reveals that the crystalline phase of the polymer host and it has completely changed into other side with the addition of the dopant. FTIR analysis shows the good complexation behavior between the polymer and the salt. The temperature dependent ac ionic conductivity shows the highest ionic conductivity of 2.93 × 10− 4 Scm− 1 was found at 363K for the concentration of 69 Wt% PVdF-HFP: 23 Wt% PVAc : 8 Wt% Mg(ClO4)2 of the polymer electrolytes with an activation energy value of 0.33 eV. The SPE with the highest conductivity showed as electrochemical stability of 4 V. The obtained cyclic voltammetry is an evidence for reversibility.


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