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, Volume 29, Issue 17, pp 14574–14581 | Cite as

Facile one-step synthesis of agaric-like cobalt–manganese oxide nanosheets for supercapacitor with excellent long-term stability

  • Yuming DaiEmail author
  • Shuaishuai Zhu
  • Yuan Cong
  • Yuhan Zeng
  • Yaxin Gao
  • Tianyu Zhang
  • Changchun WangEmail author


A facile one-step method is developed to synthesize homogenous agaric-like cobalt–manganese oxide nanosheets with excellent supercapacitive performance in this study. The optimal sample shows morphologies of equiaxed spheres with diameter of 300 ± 30 nm, which consists of agaric-like nanosheets with thickness of approximate 3 nm. The active material is composed of MnO2 and Co3O4 which is identified by the results of high resolution transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction pattern and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy spectrum. The as-prepared sample owns a high specific capacitance of 683 F g−1 at a scan rate of 5 mV s−1, while the value still retains 64% at a fast scan rate of 100 mV s−1 (436 F g−1). Moreover, the sample exhibits a remarkable long-term durability which can keep 83.5% capacitance retention over 20,000 charge/discharge cycles at a current density of 5 A g−1. These results suggest that the thin agaric-like nanosheets plays an important role in the excellent performance for supercapacitor. The investigation offers a simple way to prepare agaric-like cobalt–manganese oxide which has potential applications in supercapacitors with excellent long-term stability.



This work was supported by the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Innovation Team in Colleges and Universities of Jiangsu Province, the Scientific Research Foundation of Nanjing Institute of Technology (CKJA201502, JCYJ201606) and the Practice Innovation Program for College Students of Jiangsu Province (201811276).

Supplementary material

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  1. 1.Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Advanced Structural Materials and Application Technology, School of Materials EngineeringNanjing Institute of TechnologyNanjingPeople’s Republic of China

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