Preparation and characterization of BaSmxFe12−xO19/polypyrrole composites

  • Kaiqi Yang
  • Ying LiuEmail author
  • Michael G. B. Drew
  • Yue LiuEmail author


BaSmxFe12−xO19 and its composite with polypyrrole have been prepared by the hydrothermal method and in-situ polymerization respectively. The polypyrrole is found to form uniform coats on the surface of BaSmxFe12−xO19 without having serious effects on the morphology of the inorganic compound. However, in the composite the dispersion of samples increased and the density of samples decreased. In particular when x = 0.2, both the ferrite and its composite show special properties in regard of the peak intensities of XRD, saturation magnetization, residual magnetization, coercive force of magnetic properties, and reflection loss for microwaves. The problems with the time-honored method for characterizing reflection loss have also been addressed and a more accurate method is described and has been used in this study.


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