Photoluminescence properties of a novel rare-earth-free red-emitting Ca3Y(AlO)3(BO3)4:Mn4+ phosphor for white LEDs application

  • Qi Sun
  • Bin Li
  • Shaoying Wang
  • Heng Guo
  • Xiaoyong HuangEmail author


Novel red-emitting phosphors of Ca3Y(AlO)3(BO3)4 doped with different concentrations of Mn4+ were successfully synthesized by a high-temperature solid-state reaction method. Crystal composition, microstructure, and luminescence properties of samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, excitation and emission spectra, decay lifetimes and temperature-dependent photoluminescence spectra. The emission spectra exhibited a strong deep-red emission band in the wavelength range of 625–750 nm with a maximum at 678 nm. The optimal doping concentration of Mn4+ was about 0.1 mol%. Under 325 nm excitation, the CIE chromaticity coordinates of Ca3Y(AlO)3(BO3)4:0.1%Mn4+ sample were (0.704, 0.296). In addition, the concentration quenching mechanism was dominated by a dipole–dipole interaction for the Mn4+ activators. The value of the activation energy Ea was calculated to explain thermal quenching.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51502190), the Program for the Outstanding Innovative Teams of Higher Learning Institutions of Shanxi, the Start-up Research Grant of Taiyuan University of Technology (No. Tyutrc201489a), the Excellent Young Scholars Research Grant of Taiyuan University of Technology (Nos. 2014YQ009, 2015YQ006, and 2016YQ03), and the Open Fund of the State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices (South China University of Technology, No. 2017-skllmd-01).


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  1. 1.Key Lab of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System, Ministry of Education and Shanxi Province, College of Physics and OptoelectronicsTaiyuan University of TechnologyTaiyuanPeople’s Republic of China

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