Local structure and magnetic properties of Mn and Co co-doped SiC films

  • Xianke Sun
  • Shaofeng Li
  • Gaoliang Wang
  • Jitao Li
  • Kuili LiuEmail author
  • Liuyang XuEmail author


Mn and Co co-doped SiC films were deposited on Si substrates by magnetron sputtering technique. The structure and magnetism of the films were investigated systematically. X-ray diffraction and X-ray photo-electron spectroscopy clearly show that the films are composed of 3C-SiC, in which Mn atoms substitute for the C sites of SiC lattice and Co atoms form CoSi compounds. The valence analysis displays that Mn and Co elements exist in the form of Mn2+ and Co2+ ions in the films, respectively. The magnetic analysis indicates that the films are ferromagnetic at room-temperature and the saturation magnetization increases with increasing Mn substitution concentration. There are two ferromagnetic phases in the films, the Curie temperature at 240 K is associated with CoSi nanoparticles, while the Curie temperature observed above 300 K come from Mn substitution and some extended defects. These features reveal that the room-temperature ferromagnetism of Mn and Co co-doped SiC films is intrinsic property of the material.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11604395), Program for Science & Technology Innovation Talents in Universities of Henan Province (18HASTIT032),the Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province of China (182300410271) and Program for Science & Research Innovation Foundation of Zhoukou Normal University (ZKNUA201803).


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  1. 1.School of Physics and Telecommunication EngineeringZhoukou Normal UniversityZhoukouChina

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