Initial stage of isothermal wetting of bulk Cu6Sn5, Cu3Sn and Cu substrates by liquid Sn

  • O. Y. Liashenko
  • F. HodajEmail author


For the first time the initial stage (10−3 to 10−2 s) of isothermal wetting of bulk Cu6Sn5, Cu3Sn and Cu substrates by liquid Sn are studied using a dispensed drop set-up under high vacuum at 300 and 390 °C combined with high-speed video recording. Specific non-reactive wetting experiments of Cu6Sn5 by saturated Sn-7.8 wt%Cu liquid alloy are also performed in order to distinguish the reactive and non-reactive spreading stages. Selected samples are characterized by scanning electron microscopy in order to observe the reactive (or non-reactive) interfaces as well as the drop/substrate configuration at the zone close to the triple line. The physical meaning of observed contact angles is discussed based on these experimental results. The equilibrium contact angle of liquid Sn on the unreacted Cu substrate is found to be significantly higher than those on Cu6Sn5 and Cu3Sn substrates. A mechanism of reactive spreading in the liquid Sn/Cu system is proposed.



One of authors (O. Y. Liashenko) gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (state registration number: 0117U000577).


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  1. 1.CNRS, Grenoble INP, SIMAPUniversité Grenoble AlpesGrenobleFrance
  2. 2.Cherkasy National UniversityCherkasyUkraine

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