Effect of the occupation of Ba and Ti sites on the structural, optical and dielectric properties of Sm-doped BaTiO3 ceramics

  • Fouad Es-saddik
  • Karoum Limame
  • Salaheddine SayouriEmail author
  • Taj-dine Lamcharfi


Sm-doped BaTiO3 powders have been synthesized with the help of the sol gel process. X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of the obtained powders, heat treated at a relatively low temperature (750 °C/3 h), revealed their crystallization in the pure perovskite structure without the presence of secondary phases. The occupation of the Ba and Ti sites by Sm in the BaTiO3 lattice and the evolution of the crystalline parameters as functions of the dopant content have been discussed based on XRD and Raman results. Dielectric measurements performed on the samples revealed a strong increasing diffuse character of the ferro-to-paraelectric phase transition with increasing Sm content. Moreover, the behavior of the permittivity as a function of frequency indicates that the samples are approaching their resonance frequency. The study of the conductivity showed the existence of a weak positive temperature coefficient of resistivity (PTCR) effect.


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  • Fouad Es-saddik
    • 1
  • Karoum Limame
    • 1
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  • Salaheddine Sayouri
    • 1
    Email author
  • Taj-dine Lamcharfi
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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et AppliquéeFSDMFèsMorocco
  2. 2.Centre Régional des Metiers de l’Education et de la Formation de FèsFèsMorocco
  3. 3.LSSC, FST-FèsFèsMorocco

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