Influence of Zinc incorporation in electrodeposited CdSe thin films from aqueous acidic media

  • S. ThanikaikarasanEmail author
  • R. Perumal
  • J. Venkatamuthukumar


Cadmium Selenide is an excellent II–VI group semiconducting material due to its capable applications in diverse fields. Thin films of Cadmium Selenide and Zinc doped Cadmium Selenide were grown on tin oxide substrate through potentiostatic electrodeposition technique. Structural examinations showed that both type of deposited layers have hexagonal structure with most prominent reflection along (002) plane. The structural parameters crystallite size, microstrain, dislocation density were estimated for pure CdSe and Zinc doped Cadmium Selenide thin films. Morphological features with elemental composition confirmed the incorporation of Zinc into the crystal lattice of Cadmium Selenide and the smooth nature of the deposited films. Optical absorption measurements were also carried out for grown films and the associated optical parameters were estimated. Photoelectrochemical cells were constructed for CdSe as well as Zn incorporated as photoelectrode with Na2S,S KOH as redox electrolyte and the power output characteristics are investigated.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Physics, Saveetha School of EngineeringSaveetha Institute of Medical and Technical SciencesChennaiIndia

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