High performance fiber-shaped all-solid-state symmetric supercapacitor based on mesoporous CuCo2S4 nanosheets

  • Jiqiu Qi
  • Xiaofeng Liu
  • Yanwei Sui
  • Yezeng He
  • Yaojian RenEmail author
  • Qingkun Meng
  • Fuxiang Wei
  • Xuping ZhangEmail author


Flexible and efficient fiber-shaped supercapacitors are being widely studied due to their enormous potential applications in portable electronics. Mesoporous CuCo2S4 nanosheets were prepared firstly on Ni wires (NW) with hydrothermal route and two same NW@CuCo2S4 electrodes were used to assemble a fiber-shaped all-solid-state symmetric supercapacitor. Electrochemical investigation demonstrated that as-fabricated device displayed good performances with high specific capacitance of 35.83 mF cm−2 at 1 mA cm−2 and high energy density of 7.2 µWh cm−2 at power density of 599.9 µW cm−2. In addition, the flexibility of the fiber-shaped supercapacitor was good and two devices in series can light up a red LED for more than 15 s. These results indicating its excellent comprehensive performance, which can meet the demand of practical applications in portable electronic devices.



This work was financially supported by “the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities” (No. 2018GF08).


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  • Xiaofeng Liu
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  3. 3.Xuzhou City Key Laboratory of High Efficient Energy Storage Technology and EquipmentsChina University of Mining and TechnologyXuzhouPeople’s Republic of China

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