Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

, Volume 29, Issue 22, pp 19393–19401 | Cite as

Template-free synthesis of uniform rose-like MoS2 hierarchitectures and their enhanced photocatalytic properties

  • Huijie Wu
  • Yuan LiEmail author


In this work, uniform rose-like MoS2 hierarchitectures have been succefully synthesized on a large scale through a template-free hydrothermal method by the reaction of hexaammonium heptamolybdate tetrahydrate [(NH4)6Mo7O24·4H2O] and thioacetamide (CH3CSNH2). The rose-like MoS2 hierarchitectures have a diameter of 350–450 nm and are formed by the assembly of numerous nanosheets. A reasonable growth mechanism of the MoS2 hierarchitectures was proposed according to the time-dependent experiments. In addition, the as-prepared rose-like MoS2 hierarchitectures show a large specific surface area of 33.72 m2 g−1 with a dominant pore diameter of 46 nm. UV–Vis absorption spectrum indicated that the sample shows a large blue-shift compared to bulk MoS2. The photocatalytic properties were investigated and exhibit enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance with the assistence of H2O2, which can be attributed to the special structural feature with an open and porous nanostructured surface layer that significantly facilitates the diffusion and mass transportation of MB molecules and oxygen species in photochemical reaction of MB degradation. This resulting rose-like MoS2 hierarchitectures are very promising visible light photocatalysts for the degradation of dye pollutants and other applications.



This work was supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Project Nos. XDJK2016C003, XDJK2017C003; XDJK2016E001, for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Students), the Foundation of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission (Grant Nos. KJ1711292; KJ1711272), Chongqing Natural Science Foundation (Grant Nos. cstc2016shmszx20002; cstc2016jcyjA0140; cstc2017jcyjA1821), Chongqing university outstanding achievement transformation projects (Grant No. KJZH17130), and Funding scheme for youth backbone teachers of universities in Chongqing.

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Research Institute for New Materials TechnologyChongqing University of Arts and SciencesChongqingPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Institute for Clean energy & Advanced Materials, Faculty of Materials & EnergySouthwest UniversityChongqingPeople’s Republic of China
  3. 3.Chongqing Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Technologies of Clean EnergiesChongqingPeople’s Republic of China

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