Enhancement in mechanical, optical, SHG, photoacoustic and Z-scan studies on pure and crystal violet dye doped L-proline cadmium chloride single crystal for nonlinear optical applications

  • M. AkilanEmail author
  • R. Ragu
  • J. P. Angelena
  • S. Jerome Das


Incorporation of dye in crystals is fascinating to the researchers for application in the field of solid state lasers. The host material is doped with an organic dye namely crystal violet (CV) dye is grown from slow evaporation technique. The grown crystal was subjected to single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis to determine its cell parameters and it belongs to orthorhombic system. UV-vis-NIR study evince that the increased transmittance for doped crystal has an effect of doping. Microhardness studies were carried out and various mechanical properties such as fracture toughness, brittleness index and elastic stiffness constant were calculated. SHG efficiency for doped crystal is higher than pure crystal. The Photoacoustic study reveals the thermal diffusivity of the doped crystal is 2.47 times higher than KDP. Both pure and doped crystal exhibits negative photoconductivity. Z-scan analysis shows the real, imaginary and third order susceptibility of doped crystal is superior to pure crystal and makes it as a potential material for nonlinear device applications. The optical, mechanical, second harmonic generation (SHG), photoacoustic and third harmonic generation (THG) properties of CV dye doped crystals has been enhanced due to the incorporation of dye.



The authors are thankful to Loyola College—Times of India Major Research project (Grant No. 3LCTOI14PHY002).


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