In-situ green synthesis of CuO on 3D submicron-porous/solid copper current collectors as excellent supercapacitor electrode material

  • Xiaohui SuEmail author
  • Guangwen Feng
  • Lin Yu
  • Qiong Li
  • Huanhua Zhang
  • Wei Song
  • Guanghui HuEmail author


Nanostructured Cu oxides hold great promise as electrode materials for supercapacitors due to their low cost, high theoretical capacitance (1800 F g−1), as well as superior environmental benignity. In this work, hybrid three-dimensional (3D) network and flower-like structure CuO nanoparticles in situ grow on a 3D submicron-porous/solid copper current collector (S/SPCu) via a simple hydrothermal method using H2O2. Benefited from this unique hybrid porous architecture, the as-prepared CuO/S/SPCu electrode shows a high specific capacitance of 445 F g−1 at 2 mA cm−2, high rate capability (60.7% at 64 mA cm−2) and good cycling stability (82.8% capacitance retention after 2000 cycles). The high performance hybrid structure makes the environment-friendly and low-cost CuO/S/SPCu electrode a promising electrode material for supercapacitor applications.



This work was supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (2160309).


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