Synergistic effect of hexagonal flake Co3O4@PANI core–shell composites with excellent microwave-absorbing properties

  • Hanxiao Jia
  • Honglong XingEmail author
  • Xiaoli Ji
  • Shengtao Gao


Hexagonal flake Co3O4 was prepared by calcining Co-MOF precursors in air. Co3O4@PANI was obtained via hydrothermal and oxidative polymerization processes, and the electromagnetic wave absorption properties of the composites were investigated. Scanning emission microscopy and transmission electron microscopy images show that hexagonal flake Co3O4 possesses a diameter in the range of 2–4 µm and a side length 550–950 nm. With the decrease in Co3O4 content, the absorption performance of Co3O4@PANI increases gradually. When the mass ratio of Co3O4 to PANI is 1:8, the minimum reflection loss value is − 37.39 dB at 7.28 GHz with a layer thickness of 4 mm. Co3O4@PANI also has effective absorption with the entire test thickness, and the maximum absorption bandwidth can reach 3.52 GHz. Therefore, the as prepared hexagonal flake Co3O4@PANI has potential for application in the field of electromagnetic wave absorption.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant 51477002; Grant 51707003) and Graduate Innovation Fund Project of Anhui University of Science and Technology (2017CX2105).


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