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Enhanced performance of planar perovskite solar cells using Ce-doped TiO2 as electron transport layer

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Electron transport layer plays a key role in improving charge extraction efficiency and inhibiting electron–hole recombination in perovskite solar cells. In this study, Ce ion was doped into compact TiO2 layer to improve electron transport performance of TiO2 thin film. Through UV–Vis and UPS tests, it was found that TiO2 obtained an appropriate band position after Ce ions doping. Specially speaking, Ce-doped TiO2 band position facilitates electron transport at the interface. As a result, the device based on 0.009 M Ce-TiO2 shows the power conversion efficiency is 16.18%, which is 5.75% higher than the device without Ce ions doping. In this work, we provided a new method to improve the electron extraction rate of TiO2 thin film, which is beneficial for performance of the devices.

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This study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51272086).

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Correspondence to Wuyou Fu or Zhihui Li.

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