Effect of extrusion on the microstructure and corrosion behaviors of biodegradable Mg–Zn–Y–Gd–Zr alloy

  • Yuzhao Xu
  • Jingyuan LiEmail author
  • Mingfan Qi
  • Jinbo Gu
  • Yuan Zhang
Metals & corrosion


Magnesium-based alloys presented great potential for biodegradable implant materials. However, the poor mechanical properties and high corrosion rate blocked its extensive application. In this study, a new biodegradable Mg–Zn–Y–Gd–Zr alloy was fabricated and extruded. The microstructure, corrosion morphologies and corrosion products film of the as-cast, homogenized and as-extruded alloys were characterized by optical micrographs, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and laser scanning confocal microscopy. Moreover, the corrosion mechanisms of the as-cast and as-extruded alloys were proposed, and the influencing factors of corrosion properties were discussed. The electrochemical test, immersion tests and corrosion morphologies demonstrated that the as-extruded alloy exhibited favorable corrosion properties. The as-cast and homogenized alloys displayed localized corrosion mode, and the as-extruded alloy displayed uniform corrosion mode. The Volta potential of the Mg3(Y,Gd)2Zn3 phase relative to Mg matrix was measured by using Kelvin probe force microscopy.



This research was supported by the financial support of the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFB0704102).

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