Effects of phase composition and grain size on the piezoelectric properties of HfO2-doped barium titanate ceramics

  • Hong-Mei Yin
  • Wen-Jun Xu
  • Heng-Wei Zhou
  • Xing-Yu Zhao
  • Yi-Neng HuangEmail author


The effect of grain size and phase compositions on piezoelectric coefficient of BaTi0.98Hf0.02O3 ceramics prepared at a series of sintering temperatures (1320, 1350, 1370, and 1400 °C) was studied. The results showed that the grain size of the ceramics is 0.9, 21.3, 21.6, and 37.2 μm, respectively, and the corresponding phase compositions are the tetragonal–orthogonal, tetragonal–orthogonal–rhombohedral, tetragonal–orthogonal, and tetragonal–orthogonal–rhombohedral, while the piezoelectric coefficient is 475, 352, 258, and 327 pC/N, i.e., it decreases first and then increases as the grain size goes up. The phase compositions and grain size of the ceramics are interrelated, and they co-affect the piezoelectric coefficient.



This work is supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11664042).

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  2. 2.Xinjiang Laboratory of Phase Transitions and Microstructures in Condensed Matters, College of Physical Science and TechnologyYili Normal UniversityYiningPeople’s Republic of China

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