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, Volume 46, Issue 22, pp 7206–7213 | Cite as

Investigation of the electrical and mechanical properties of short sisal fiber-reinforced epoxy composite in correlation with structural parameters of the reinforced fiber

  • Annapurna PatraEmail author
  • Dillip Kumar Bisoyi


Chemical modification of the sisal fiber is done through dewaxing. Increment in the degree of crystallinity, crystallite size, and bulk density are observed in case of the dewaxed sisal fiber. The partial removal of wax, hemicellulose, and lignin content is confirmed from the FTIR spectra. Better flexural strength and tensile strength are observed in case of dewaxed sisal fiber-reinforced epoxy composite (DSFREC) in comparison to the raw sisal fiber-reinforced epoxy composite (RSFREC). This may be due to the improvement in the adhesion between the fiber and matrix. Lower values of dielectric constant (εr) and dielectric loss (tanδ) are also observed in case of DSFREC. The shifting of Mmax toward higher frequency side with rise in temperature ascribing a correlation between motions of mobile ions and suggests a spread of relaxation times. Moreover, the structural parameters of the fiber are correlated with the mechanical and electrical properties of the composite.


Hemicellulose Flexural Strength Cellulose Chain Interfacial Polarization Crystalline Peak 



Profound appreciation and gratitude is extended to one and all the members of the Department of Physics, and the Director NIT Rourkela for their cooperation during completion of the manuscript of this article. We must thank Dr. Sitangshu Sarkar, Scientist-in-Charge, Sisal Research Station (ICAR), Bamra, Orissa (INDIA) for his kind cooperation for providing us the sisal fibre for this study.


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