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Review on polymer/graphite nanoplatelet nanocomposites

  • Bin Li
  • Wei-Hong ZhongEmail author
Anniversary Review


Graphite nanoplatelets (GNPs) are a type of graphitic nanofillers composed of stacked 2D graphene sheets, having outstanding electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Furthermore, owing to the abundance of naturally existing graphite as the source material for GNPs, it is considered an ideal reinforcing component to modify the properties of polymers. The 2D confinement of GNPs to the polymer matrix and the high surface area make the GNP a distinctive nanofiller, showing superiorities in modification of most properties, compared with other carbon nanofillers. This review will summarize the development of polymer/GNP nanocomposites in recent years, including the fabrication of GNPs and its nanocomposites, processing issues, viscoelastic properties, mechanical properties, electrical and dielectric properties, thermal conductivity and thermal stability. The discussion of reinforcing effect will be based on dispersion, particle geometry, concentrations, as well as the 2D structures and exfoliation of GNPs. The synergy of GNPs with other types of carbon nanofillers used as hybrid reinforcing systems shows great potential and could significantly broaden the application of GNPs. The relevant research will also be included in this review.


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