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, Volume 46, Issue 18, pp 5969–5976 | Cite as

Dielectric and electro-optical study of ZnO nano rods doped ferroelectric liquid crystals

  • Rajiv ManoharEmail author
  • A. K. Srivastava
  • Pankaj K. Tripathi
  • Dharmendra P. Singh


Addition of Nano rods results change in the dielectric and electro-optical properties of pure Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) considerably. The present study is devoted to characterize the dielectric and electro-optical parameters of the FLC nano rods composite system. The size of nano rods is usually much bigger than that of FLC molecules, therefore, when they are doped in different concentrations, in pure FLC, their volume fraction plays considerable role in deciding the molecular dynamics of the resultant composite system. For the lesser concentrations, the nano rods offer mechanical strength to system geometry while at higher concentration of nano rods, they offer additional constraints on the system. In present report both of these aspects have been analyzed and explained.


Dielectric Permittivity Spontaneous Polarization Relaxation Frequency Goldstone Mode Smectic Layer 



The authors are thankful to Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Indian Space Research Organization for the financial assistance for present work in the form of project.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Rajiv Manohar
    • 1
    Email author
  • A. K. Srivastava
    • 1
  • Pankaj K. Tripathi
    • 1
  • Dharmendra P. Singh
    • 1
  1. 1.Liquid Crystal Research Laboratory, Physics DepartmentUniversity of LucknowLucknowIndia

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